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AAHOA is the largest hotel owners association in the world. The more than 17,700 AAHOA members own almost one in every two hotels in the United States. With billions of dollars in property assets and hundreds of thousands of employees, AAHOA members are core economic contributors in virtually every community. AAHOA is a proud defender of free enterprise and the foremost current-day example of realizing the American dream.


What we do

AAHOA's mission is to advance and protect the business interests of hotel owners through advocacy, industry leadership, professional development, member benefits, and community engagement.


“Hotelier Weekly,” the official e-newsletter of AAHOA, is delivered to inboxes every Thursday. It contains the very latest AAHOA news, government-affairs updates, industry reports, member benefits, and selections from the latest issue of Today’s Hotelier, AAHOA’s monthly magazine. 


AAHOA’s e-newsletter is also your go-to source for information on upcoming professional development opportunities and nearby events, from webinars to regional conferences and town halls to legislative summits. 

Every week, AAHOA spotlights member benefits and Founding Members that provide the greatest value to AAHOA members, making the newsletter an excellent venue for spreading the word about your company’s products or services. If you are interested in advertising in Hotelier Weekly, please contact Director of Media Sales John O'Neil.

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Today’s Hotelier, the official monthly magazine of AAHOA, offers a deeper dive into industry news and issues. It explores hospitality’s most critical issues, from minimum-wage adjustments and drive-by lawsuits to tax reform and workforce relations, and offers thoughtful examinations of the industry.

Today’s Hotelier also provides a wealth of practical guidance on everyday life as a hotel owner. Every month, industry authorities such as HSMAI award-winning Larry Mogelonsky, Kalibri Labs CEO Cindy Estis Green, and “The Financial Hotel Coach” David Lund weigh in on everyday ownership concerns, including financing, F&B, OTAs, and interior design.

For information on contributing content, visit or email Managing Editor Kristine Buchanan.

Today’s Hotelier also includes timely information from industry-data powerhouses STR and CBRE with detailed numbers on hotel-industry performance, forecasts, and other metrics.

Today’s Hotelier is the go-to publication for all hospitality industry professionals.

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AAHOA saw record-breaking membership numbers in 2016 and continues to be the industry’s fastest-growing hotel owners organization. Representing over half of the nation’s hotel owners who make decisions daily on behalf of their businesses, AAHOA members are the industry’s movers and shakers. If you are a hospitality industry supplier or service provider, do not miss the opportunity to put your message in front of the readership of our flagship publication.

Now is the time to secure your advertising space, contribute content, and get involved. To learn more about how you can get your message in front of our readers, contact Director of Sales John O’Neil at 770-810-6959 or


Asians have a rich tradition of entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and family values. After India's independence in 1947, many of that country's young people immigrated to the United States to pursue their education and "the American Dream."

Many of these new immigrants arrived in America with backgrounds as entrepreneurs and business owners. During the 1970s, Indian Americans saw tremendous opportunities for prosperity in the hospitality industry, and many began to save their money in order to purchase hotels. Word quickly spread throughout the community about the potential of the hotel industry as a niche market, and the Indian American influence in hospitality began.

These new hoteliers faced discrimination within the industry, particularly from banks and insurance companies. To overcome these obstacles, hoteliers collaborated to form various groups, culminating in the creation of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) in 1989.

In 2017, AAHOA celebrated its 28th anniversary and is currently one of hospitality industry’s most respected and influential organizations.  AAHOA represents more than 16,500 members nationwide, who own more than 23,000 properties, amounting to nearly 50% of all hotels in the United States. AAHOA members employ over 700,000 workers across America, and account for nearly $10 billion in annual payroll. 


The first AAHOA Board of Advisors in 1989.


The Mart Motel in San Francisco is generally considered the first property owned by a member of AAHOA.


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