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The first 250 AAHOA franchisee properties to enroll in the PepsiCo beverage program will earn free cooler refill - upto $200.00 in PepsiCo products for the property. All Pepsi case purchases / product purchases must be purchased via Pepsi direct store deliver (DSD) and all other sources of distribution are not eligible for $200 of PepsiCo products refill. Free refills upto $200 will be issued 180 days after the first invoice and eligible property meeting the monthly ordering criteria of Pepsi direct store deliver (DSD). A completed W9 form is required from your property in order to qualify to receive the rebate. Offer do not apply to fountain products, preexisting PepsiCo customers, Marriott and Hyatt properties, properties located in Alaska and Hawaii, and to properties located outside of Pepsi Direct of Pepsi Beverage Company (PBC) territory. Properties located in non-PBC territories can order product from PepsiCo approved local franchise bottler. All products and services are manufactured and/or provided by PepsiCo and/or its subsidiaries and not AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association). Please refer to the applicable brand specifications for your franchisee property prior to purchasing products. The equipment featured above is for illustrative purposes only and may not be available in your market. For more information please click the link below: * Terms, conditions and restrictions apply.*


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