Fred Schwartz

Phone: (404) 419-8980
Email: fred@aahoa.com

Lester A. Adams
Vice President of Franchise Relations

Phone: (404) 419-8987
Email: lester@aahoa.com

Don Bollmer
Vice President of Finance

Phone: (404) 419-8981
Email: don@aahoa.com

Geetika Patel
Vice President of Membership & HR

Phone: (404) 419-8993
Email: geetika@aahoa.com

Scott Stallings
Vice President of Operations

Phone: (404) 419-8999
Email: sstallings@aahoa.com

James Jenkins
Vice President of Sales

Phone: (404) 419-8990
Email: james@aahoa.com

Autumn Canaday
Director of PR & Communications

Phone: (404) 419-8985
Email: autumn@aahoa.com

Tarren McCray
Marketing Coordinator

Phone: (404) 419-8007
Email: tarren@aahoa.com

Chip Rogers
Vice President of Government Affairs & Public Relations

Phone: (404) 816-5759
Email: chip@aahoa.com

Kathryn Stone
Managing Attorney & Director of Internal Governance

Phone: (404) 419-8994
Email: kathryn@aahoa.com

Valerie L. Hudson
Executive Assistant

Phone: (404) 816-8015
Email: valerie@aahoa.com

Chirag K. Shah
Government Affairs Manager & Policy Councel

Phone: (202) 496-4969x2528
Email: chirag@aahoa.com

Constance Hall
Accounts Payable

Phone: (404) 419-8992
Email: Constance@aahoa.com

Keisha Williams
Accounting Assistant

Phone: (404) 819-8982
Email: keisha@aahoa.com

Amy Borden
Director of Meetings and Conventions

Phone: (404) 419-8997
Email: amy@aahoa.com

Anna Deleon
Event Coordinator

Phone: (404) 816-5759
Email: anna@aahoa.com

Alissa Torchia
Event Coordinator

Phone: (404) 816-5759 x-8018
Email: alissa@aahoa.com

Bre Magee
Government Affairs / Paralegal

Phone: (404) 419-8995
Email: Bre@aahoa.com

Imran Naqvi
IT and Database Administrator

Phone: (404) 816-5759 x8019
Email: imran@aahoa.com

Kathryn Thrasher (KT)
Account Executive

Phone: (404) 419-8020
Email: kthrasher@aahoa.com

Kathija T. Mohammed
Membership Manager

Phone: (404) 419-8989
Email: kathija@aahoa.com

Sherri Chance
Membership Sales Specialist

Phone: (404) 419-8986
Email: sherri@aahoa.com

Priscilla Das
Membership Sales Specialist

Phone: (404) 419-8991
Email: priscilla@aahoa.com

Tiffany Kotak
Membership Sales Specialist

Phone: (404) 816-5759
Email: tiffany@aahoa.com

Irene Mworia
Membership Sales Specialist

Phone: (404) 419-8996
Email: irene@aahoa.com