2020 Nomination Process & Candidate Profiles

Each candidate seeking to become an elected member of the Board of Directors shall comply with each of the qualifications set out in AAHOA Bylaws Art. V (2), the Board Member & Officer Nominations Policy, and the Board Member & Officers Elections Policy, available in full on AAHOA.com > About Us > Governance & Forms. In pertinent part, eligible candidates shall:

  • Currently serve on an AAHOA committee, have served on an AAHOA committee for one (1) full term, or have served on a hospitality industry, hospitality brand, community service, or local business association committees and/or boards.
  • Be a paid member of AAHOA by April 1 in each of the two (2) years prior to the year of election and become a lifetime member on or before the nomination deadline.
  • Have resided in the designated region or division he/she seeks to represent for a period of not less than one year immediately prior to the election.
  • Have, or have had in the past 365 days, at least twenty percent (20%) combined partnership or ownership interest in one or multiple hotels. 

Nominations for Secretary were due Oct. 1, 2019.  All Secretary candidates shall either be an elected currently-serving Board member, or an outgoing Board member whose term expires on the day of elections.  Nominations for all other positions were due Feb. 16, 2020.

Candidates for Secretary

Purvi Panwala

Purvi Panwala


A second-generation hotelier, Purvi Panwala currently serves the AAHOA Board of Director as Young Professional at Large and is the President & CEO of Purvi LLC and owner of NI Property LLC.  

An experienced owner/operator of boutique and independent hotels, Purvi was named to Hotel Management Magazine’s prestigious list of the 30 most influential women in hospitality.

Purvi is an active member of AAHOA serving several initiative including the Women’s, Young Professionals, Public Relations, and Convention Committees. She actively participates in AAHOA’s legislative summits in Washington D.C. and was selected to advocate for Pennsylvania hotel owners at the White House. She is a regular speaker and participant at industry conferences and also is an adjunct professor of Hospitality Law at American University.

Purvi earned a B.A. from Drexel University and several specialized hotel certifications from Cornell University, American University and The Small Business Administration.

Bharat Patel

Bharat Patel


A second-generation hotelier, Bharat has been a hotel owner for more than 20 years and active in AAHOA since 2008, including as Ambassador for eight years. He is currently Florida Regional Director and has served on four committees: Government Affairs; Public Relations & Communications; Convention& Meetings; and Franchise & Industry Relations (F.A.I.R.), including as Chairman in the past and now as Board Liaison. Every year under his leadership as Regional Director, Florida has been in the country’s “top five” regions in membership and in PAC contributions. His achievements have repeatedly been recognized, including twice with the Chairman’s Award and as Premier Ambassador. As a hotel owner/operator, Bharat understands the challenges and concerns of all members – notably the forceful pursuit of fair franchising; competition from OTA’s and short-term rentals such as Airbnb; and extortion from nuisance lawsuits about alleged ADA violations.


Chetan Patel



Jayesh (Jay) Patel, CHA


My name is JAYESH (JAY) PATEL from Tampa, Florida. I am the Founder & CEO of KRUTI MANAGEMENT LLC. Under my leadership, we have built 8 new hotels and are undertaking development of projects branded by IHG, Hilton, and Marriott.   

After graduating from college, I immigrated to the U.S.  I purchased my first motel in 1994. For 25 years I’ve been developing and managing branded and independent hotels in Florida and other states.

I’m proud to be an AAHOA Lifetime member.  I’ve served as Florida Regional Director (2010-2016) and am currently Director at Large. I’ve served in numerous leadership positions with:

  • Howard Johnson
  • La Quinta
  • Rodeway
  • Holiday Inn Express (Ambassador)
  • Center Bank of Florida
  • India Cultural Center

If elected, I promise to be your VISION and your VOICE.  I will grow the PAC and protect your rights.  I promise, because YOU deserve the best. 

Sunil Patel

Sunil Patel

Sunil is a second-generation hotelier whose story is very similar to many AAHOA members. Growing up in the hospitality industry he recognized his passion at a very early age. Through high school and college, he helped in the family business learning the basics of the hospitality business. Grooming himself for what would lie in his future. Today he and his brother enjoy a diversified portfolio of branded hotels. Sunil also consults individuals, companies and mentors youth on hotel acquisitions and development. Sunil brings over thirty years of hospitality experience. He has served as President of local and national organizations. He also served on the AAHOA Board as Director At Large and numerous AAHOA committees. He loves to play soccer and is an avid marathon runner. He resides in Brentwood TN with his wife Manisha, two daughters Reshma and Prishana. Do What You Like, Like what You Do !!!

Candidates for Female Director Eastern Division

Lina Patel

Lina currently serves on AAHOA board. While on board, she has hosted over 35 Women’s sessions.  She has planned 2 Women’s conferences, hosted 5 Brand-Development days and 3 educational sessions at national conventions with 1,200 women attendees-largest educational session on AAHOA platform!

Lina has participated in over 12 Legislative Summits, serves on Government Affairs Committee, and hosted hotel tours with congressmen in her hometown.

She serves on Convention Committee and helps plan upcoming AAHOA convention.

When Re-elected, Lina will continue to pave the path for women hoteliers to take on leadership roles, get involved with advocacy, and be the best in personal and professional life. 

She’s a graduate of Wright-State University and settled in hospitality industry when she purchased her first hotel in 1998.

Lina’s dedication to AAHOA, Industry experience, and community involvement gives her edge to fulfill the role. She puts her heart and soul in everything she does.

Lina Patel, CHO

Candidates for Young Professional Director Eastern Division

Ankur Patel

Ankur Patel


Ankur Patel grew up within the hospitality industry and learning hotel operations management helped build his passion for the field. He is a graduate from Eli Broad College of Business and The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University majoring in Finance and 3 minors including Hospitality Business Real Estate Investment Management, Financial Planning & Wealth Management, and Insurance & Risk Management. 

With his education and experience in the hospitality industry from the family business, he proceeded to pursue his passion of full time Commercial Real Estate Development and manage a portfolio of hotels. Ankur is an active leader within the industry through his representation of AAHOA as an ambassador for the North Central Region since 2017. Ankur is proud to be a lifetime member and plans to help create a better foundation and empowerment for his fellow young professionals who are looking to grow as hoteliers.

Bhavik Patel

Bhavik Patel


Bhavik is an active second generation hotelier involved in both development and management of both franchise and independent hotels. He has grown up in the hospitality industry, participating in operations from a young age and developed a passion for hospitality. He attended and attained both a Bachelor and Masters degree from University of Florida. Bhavik has worked throughout the hospitality industry in various capacities and served on the AAHOA Young Professional committee.
Bhavik would like to continue to encourage young professionals to be more involved within the industry.  Bhavik would like to use the AAHOA platform to expand on education and involvement for young professionals.  Bhavik will be an active voice in the industry and help hoteliers overcome the expanding challenges the industry continues to face with growth, competition, and changes.  

Candidates for Arkansas Regional Director

Chintu (Danny) Patel

Chintu (Danny) Patel

Candidates for Florida Regional Director

Jan Gautam

Jan Gautam, CHA, MBA


As a hotel operator, owner, and developer Jan is well-known for his commitment and advocacy on both political and franchise affairs. Jan has been on the forefront of industry issues such as short-term vacation rentals, fair franchising, drive-by lawsuits, and OTA competition advocating for hotel owner rights. 

Jan has owned and developed hotels with major chains such as IHG, Hilton, Marriott, and Choice. Within AAHOA, Jan has served as Regional Ambassador for the past 10 years, on the Revenue Generation & By Laws and Governance committee and attended legislative summits in DC for the past 10 years. He was awarded the Florida Premier Ambassador Award as well as the 2019 Excellence of AAHOA Award.

Jan has also been a leading figure on travel and tourism boards throughout Florida to include positions with Visit Florida and FRLA as a Board of Director and a member of the Rollins College Advisory Board. 

Rahul I. Patel

Rahul I. Patel

Rahul Patel currently serves as your Florida Premier Ambassador, a member of the LPS of USA Executive Board and as Vice President of his local Gujarati Samaj. He is humbled to announce his candidacy for Florida Regional Director.

Rahul is a hotel owner, operator and developer. After his first hotel venture in Indiana, he moved to Florida in 2006. He has successfully owned and operated multiple hotels throughout Florida including a new hotel development project.

Raised from a family of farmers, he understands the meaning of hard work and commitment. He is a detail-oriented person with a clear vision and a leader who believes in channeling member energies in a positive direction to achieve results.

As your ambassador, he remains connected with hoteliers for issues at stake on the local, state and national levels. He has traveled and contributed to AAHOA PAC to protect the interests of the Hospitality Industry.

Candidates for Georgia Regional Director

Vik Zaver

Vikesh (Vik) Zaver

Vikesh Zaver is a third-generation hotelier based in Atlanta, GA since 2002. Throughout the generations and years, Vik has grown up in the hospitality industry with the privilege of learning from his family full of industry veterans as role models.

Vik graduated from UGA in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management.  He became an agent in June 2016 within the National Hospitality Group of Marcus & Millichap. Vik has since invested in a diverse portfolio of hotels with family and friends while being a full-time hotel specialized broker at Colliers International. He has held the position of AAHOA YP Ambassador for Georgia in which he has learned what it means to be involved in the community. Vik stays connected with all our Georgia members, especially getting our younger hoteliers involved and educated on the latest trends and initiatives in the hotel industry.

Candidates for Greater Los Angeles Area Regional Director

Naresh Bhakta

Naresh (ND) Bhakta

Purpose to bring all hoteliers together to address the issues we face today and tomorrow. Helping hoteliers under AAHOA' roof to provide all well balanced information for the betterment of EVERYONE. Bring awareness to Law makers what are our concerns one at a time. Networking opportunities for all wings of AAHOA. Women, Young Adults and Vendors concerns, supporting Independent hoteliers representation with truthful and valid facts.

Candidates for North Central Regional Director

Bhavesh Patel

Bhavesh Patel


Bhavesh is a 1st generation hotelier with 23 years of hospitality experience and AAHOA lifetime member Since 2005. He is currently North Central Regional Director. While on board in just few months, Bhavesh has hosted 2 successful regionals and 2 townhalls. He has also participated in Legislative Summit in DC. Bhavesh’s portfolio consists of brands such as Hilton, Choice, IHG, G6 and independent hotels. He currently serves on cultural board of LPS of USA. He is involved in success of multiple cultural events at a local and national level. He is also a Trustee of local organization. Bhavesh’s leadership role shines through various hospitality and cultural events. When elected, he commits to becoming the bridge between members and AAHOA so he can help members with their issues. His goal is to keep hoteliers engaged in hospitality industry and brand standards and get them involved in legislation and regulations that impact our industry.
Dilipkumar S. (Dipak) Patel

Dilipkumar S. (Dipak) Patel

Dilipkumar Patel has been a Hotel Owner/operator since 1992 .From Small independent motel to Developed Hilton Hotels and Marriotts Hotels.   Served in AAHOA Membership  Committee, Convention Committee, Independent hotel committee, Sponsorship committee and Board of Director 2011-2017. In my leadership, North Central Region becomes well active in AAHOA events and Attendance at the annual convention. Increase membership from well-below to secured Region. Proud to be a Lifetime member and Champion PAC contributor. I am serving Monroe County Convention and tourism bureau last 10 years as a Chairman. I am elected as a Chairman In local Gujarat Samaj Of Detroit. My goal for north central Region to keep educate members in Hospitality Industries and make them aware of local/State/Federal Laws and Issues. Be active for their voice in the hospitality industry. Bottomline We Must make Money, Save Money, and Protect Our investment.   

Candidates for North Texas Regional Director

Dhiren Masters

Dhiren Masters


Dhiren is a first generation-American and a second-generation hotelier, who has grown up in the hospitality industry. After graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Texas A&M, he continued his education at Southern Methodist University receiving a Master’s degree in Finance in 2017. 

He gained development and management experience in hotels from RREAF Holdings, a firm with a diverse portfolio of independent, limited, and full-service hotels while studying full-time for his Masters. Furthermore, Dhiren manages his family's hotel portfolio. He has been an ambassador for the North Texas region for the past three years, participated in over five legislative action summits, attended and helped organize countless number of town hall meetings, and has represented Texas hoteliers in the biennial Converge on the Capitol in Austin.