2022 Nomination Process & Candidate Profiles

Each candidate seeking to become an elected member of the Board of Directors shall comply with each of the qualifications set out in AAHOA Bylaws Art. V (2), the Election Governing Protocol, available in full on AAHOA.com > About Us > Governance & Forms.

In pertinent part, eligible candidates shall:

  • Currently serve on an AAHOA committee, have served on an AAHOA committee for one (1) full term, or have served on a hospitality industry, hospitality brand, community service, or local business association committees and/or boards.
  • Be a paid member of AAHOA by April 1 in each of the two (2) years prior to the year of election and become a lifetime member on or before the nomination deadline.
  • Have resided in the designated region or division he/she seeks to represent for a period of not less than one year immediately prior to the election.
  • Have, or have had in the past 365 days, at least twenty percent (20%) combined partnership or ownership interest in one or multiple hotels. 

Nominations for Secretary were due Oct. 1, 2021.  All Secretary candidates shall either be an elected currently serving Board member, or an outgoing Board member whose term expires on the day of elections. The nomination period for all other positions closes Feb. 14, 2022.


To declare your candidacy, please complete the nomination form and submit all relevant materials.


Candidates for Secretary

Headshot- Kamalesh KP Patel

Kamalesh (KP) Patel

Headshot - Sandip Patel

Sandip Patel

As your Secretary, my goal is big but attainable: to increase the income of every AAHOA member by $500 to $1,000 per room per year. How? By negotiating with brands to change certain standards; to reduce unnecessary fees and costs; and to eliminate vendor surcharges and inefficiencies. Also by maintain pro-active government advocacy with two goals: enacting more laws and rules that help hotel owners, while defeating laws and rules that hurt us. My perspective and priorities are shaped as a second-generation hotelier who has served 6 years as AAHOA ambassador and 2 years as Regional Director; who has owned and managed more than 20 hotels since 1993; and who currently operates both branded and independent properties. Today, your ROI – and mine – is unacceptable and unsustainable. My commitment is to change that, with straight talk and meaningful results. No more passing the buck; instead we’ll re-focus on making a buck.

Candidates for Director At Large Western Division

Headshot - Vipul Dayal

Vipul Dayal

The hotel industry has given me and my family everything I know. I would be proud to represent your interests as an AAHOA member for our industry. I am currently an Allied member in the San Diego Hotel Motel Association, a board member of largest hotel association, the California Hotel Lodging Association, and a past AAHOA board member. My actions speak louder than my words. I am here to humbly request your vote in our upcoming election. Help me get elected and I will help you to make money, to save money, and help you to protect your hotel interests.

Candidates for Director At Large Eastern Division


Jayesh (Jay) Patel, CHA

My name is Jayesh (Jay) Patel from Tampa, Florida. I'm a lifetime member, and the past Florida BOD (2010-2016) and Director at Large from 2018-2020. I am running for Director at Large from Eastern Division. After becoming our FL Director in 2010, we increased our membership over 60%. Also increased PAC funds. My major goal this year is to increase the membership, not only from Florida, but nationwide and it’s represent behalf of you on key issues such as ADA Law suits, Airbnb, OTC, Education and Franchise issues. As your next Director at Large, I would like to continue building on the progress we have made by increasing PAC funds and working to protect our rights on these current issues. Again, I welcome the opportunity to represent you and GROW AAHOA. Please vote Jayesh (Jay) Patel for your next Director at Large for Eastern Division. 

Akshat Patel - Headshot

Akshat Patel


Pinal Patel

Pinal is a second-generation hotelier who grew up in the industry helping his family at their property and working for Gaylord Hotels. Though he has now grown to a multi-property owner, the values instilled in him allows him to understand the hard work and sacrifices of AAHOA members. Over the years, he has been affiliated with several brands and served on the Red Roof FAC. In addition to his work as a hotelier, Pinal is known for his community involvement. He has served on the AAHOA Convention Committee and as an AAHOA ambassador for 6 years, which awarded him the Premier Ambassador 4 times. He has also served his local community for 6 years and is currently the GCA Joint-Secretary. Pinal’s key focus is advocacy at each level, enhancing AAHOA’s education platform, engaging the next generation of hoteliers, and providing value in membership. Pinal was educated at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


Candidates for Alabama Regional Director

Sanjay M. Patel - Alabama

Sanjay M. Patel

Candidates for Central Midwest Regional Director

Candidates for North Carolina Regional Director

Candidates for Northwest Regional Director

Candidates for Northeast Regional Director

IMG_4239- Sunny Candidate

Sunil (Sunny) Patel

My name is Sunil (Sunny) Patel, and I've been a proud lifetime member of AAHOA and have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. I currently own and operate multiple hotels in Central New York both independent and franchise. I've served as regional director twice in 2017-18 and 2021-2022, I also have served as ambassador for 7 years. I've served multiple committees and I am very dedicated to this association and its members. Couple of goals I have for 2022 are 1. to increase membership and 2 is to help ensure everyone is allowed the opportunity to recover to pre-pandemic business levels. As your regional Director, My biggest goal and priority is to listen to my fellow hotelier's concerns and do what I can to help them resolve.


Preyas Patel

As an owner of an independent franchised hotels, I understand the concerns of our members and will represent behalf of the North East Region on the AAHOA Board. I am proud to be an AAHOA lifetime member and I am an active AAHOA ambassador for more than ten years. Also, I have been Choice hotels-ROA board of directors for the last five years. I am always open to hearing the concerns of our members whether it may be personally or at a regional meeting.

Candidates for Upper Midwest Regional Director

KalpeshJoshi Headshot - kjconsultancy services

Kalpesh Joshi

Kalpesh Joshi owns and operates hotels under the Motel 6 and has been a hotelier for 16 years. Joshi has served as Upper Midwest Regional Director in past, is a member of the AAHOA 2021-2022 FAIR Committee and has served on the G6 Hospitality Owners’ Advisory Council. A self-made, first-generation hotelier, Joshi is an active leader in the Indian community of greater Chicago. Last year during pandemic Mr. Joshi worked with Indian Embassy and Indian consulates across US to help stranded Indian students, Mr. Joshi involved other hoteliers across the country and overnight got 3000 rooms to get free accommodation for more than 6 weeks till arrangements were made  to send them safely to India , Joshi has liaised with mayors and Illinois governor’s offices, also served on statewide advisory committees. Joshi would like to bring his experience to protect the Members from Government regulations and Franchise companies unethical practice.

Candidates for Washington DC Area Regional Director

Headshot - Purnima Patel

Purnima Patel

I was Born in England and moved to the US In early 1981, Where I finished my Education in Business management. Currently I am a active AAHOA ambassador and on there Education committee, have been a board member for the Econolodge Franchise Assosiation on there Education Committee, Brand Standerd committee and convention committee,  for the past 12 years, I have been in Virginia Beach for the past 25 years. I am Vice President of Operations & Sales and is responsible for the Operations, leadership, development & implementation of Sales to the hospitality management teams in each of our company owned hotels. 


Candidates for Young Professional Director – Western Division