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Watch the 12 Points of Fair Franchising Panel Video from AAHOACON22

| May 13, 2022

During AAHOACON22, AAHOA introduced its updated 12 Points of Fair Franchising (the “12 Points”) as an educational primer. Did you miss the 12 Point panel conversation that took place on the General Session mainstage? You can now watch the full panel session and get the latest updates from franchise experts and hospitality leaders.

Dr. Jay S. Patel, author of “Franchising Is it Fair? How to Negotiate an Equitable Franchise Agreement” and former Chair of the AAHOA Franchise and Industry Relations Committee, posed an often-asked question to the two attorneys on the panel, one being our incoming President Laura Lee Blake and Himanshu Patel, “Why doesn’t AAHOA do anything about franchising?” The attorneys explained that interfering with duly executed contracts could be deemed tortious interference with contract – a position in which AAHOA does not seek to find itself.

As Dr. Patel said on AAHOACON22’s General Session mainstage, “We encourage all of you to take time to educate your development teams on the 12 Points, so that not only are you aware of how to navigate these systems, but you are able to share that wealth of knowledge with the incoming generations of hoteliers and allow them to take things to the next level.”


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