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AAHOA Members Discuss Pressing Hospitality Issues During Roundtable

| Jun 15, 2022

What happens when the best, brightest - and some of the youngest - AAHOA Members gather in one room? A robust roundtable discussion comes to light, centered around hotel development, brand standards, evolving food and beverage tastes, monetization of square footage, and how hospitality changes are also sparking progress at AAHOA. And, no matter if you are a younger or older hotelier, economics plays a crucial role in your business outcome when buying or building hotels. Armaan Patel, founder of AGA Hotels and the youngest participant on the roundtable, shared his experience acquiring hotels as a young entrepreneur. “I use the same [lender] my dad uses,” he said, referencing a community bank. For AAHOA members, tight relationships with local and regional banks allow them to succeed. “They trust my dad, so they trust me,” Armaan Patel added. We also see that the younger generation of hoteliers is quicker to welcome tech-savvy ideas, like hotels potentially accepting crypto as a form of payment in the future. From seeking new revenue streams, calculating the correct amount of debt in a post-pandemic world, addressing labor shortages, and introducing technological advancements to meet new guest behaviors, things are changing in hospitality. Conversations like this roundtable ensure game-changing progress in the industry.

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