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AAHOA’s 2022 Outstanding Young Professional of the Year Recipient Armaan Patel is Shaping the Future of Hospitality

| Jul 18, 2022

Young professionals bring tech-savvy solutions and a fresh perspective to help hotels meet the demands of current modern guests. Armaan Patel, the 18-year-old founder of AGA Hotels and AAHOA’s Outstanding Young Professional of the Year Award recipient, is an excellent example of someone shaping the future of hospitality. Armaan’s hotel businesses use search engine optimization, revenue optimization, and a rewards program as a form of growing and maintaining their large audience base. 

AAHOA Outstanding Young Professional of the Year Award recipient and AGA Founder Armaan Patel said, “I aspire to influence young individuals to establish their interests and begin to feel comfortable taking risks for their passion. I hope to help young entrepreneurs gain knowledge from their highs and lows rather than letting them set them back. I hope to become a positive influencer for young and upcoming entrepreneurs by guiding them where to begin and how to expand.”

AAHOA is proud to provide the platform and resources to help young hoteliers truly revolutionize the hospitality industry.

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