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STR: World Regions Show Decline in Hotel Pipeline Activity

| Jul 20, 2022

Each of the four world regions showed a year-over-year decline in hotel pipeline activity at the end of the second quarter, according to June 2022 data from STR. The following data, with only the Americas shown below, is from June 2022, with percent changes in comparison with June 2021.

  • In Construction: 202,250 rooms (down 16.9 percent)

  • Final Planning: 208,583 rooms (down 14.4 percent)

  • Planning: 328,944 rooms (up 10.4 percent)

  • Total Under Contract: 739,777 (down 5.8 percent)

The United States holds the majority of rooms in construction in the region. After the United States, Mexico (14,909) and Canada (7,232) have the highest number of rooms in construction in the region.

Read the full article and see the data for other regions here.


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