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California: AAHOA Submits Public Comment on Proposed Ordinance in the City of Los Angeles

| Aug 03, 2022

Dear Honorable Councilmembers,

I am writing to express the Asian American Hotel Owners Association’s (AAHOA’s) opposition to the “Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements” ordinance. AAHOA represents more than 20,000 first-, second-, and third-generation Americans. Our members are small-business owners who own and operate 60% of the hotels nationwide, supporting 1.1 million quality jobs in hospitality. As franchisees, our members consistently contribute to the economy through job creation, tourism promotion, real estate development, and community investment – in fact, our members contribute 1.7% to the nation’s GDP.

The aforementioned ordinance places the burdens of the city’s unhoused individuals crisis squarely on the front doors of our members' hotels. This creates serious safety concerns for hotel guests, housekeepers, and all hotel staff. Hotels and their employees do not have the training nor are they equipped to provide the necessary services to unsheltered individuals. Notably, the ordinance would greatly impact the extended-stay market and hotels, the mom-and-pop lodging establishments that prop up the city’s hospitality market. 

Furthermore, there has been no fiscal impact study or committee discussion of this ordinance. While this ordinance creates punitive development requirements that will drive hotel development elsewhere, even without those requirements developers will look to other cities to build – ones that don’t give travelers the likelihood of being in a room next to an unhoused person.

We are grateful for your recognition of the challenges that remain for our members and their livelihoods. 

Read full letter here.

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