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From the Wall Street Journal: Hotel Guests Are Back, but the Workers Aren’t

| Aug 05, 2022

“Hotels, still riding a surge in pent-up demand for leisure travel, are struggling to find enough workers to keep properties running smoothly.”

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The summer is winding down but demand is high and available labor remains low. This is unfortunately an all too familiar issue for many AAHOA Members looking to keep the doors open and their hotels staffed. AAHOA is proud to advocate across the country for policies, investments, and partnerships to address the ongoing labor shortage affecting many of our members. AAHOA and our coalition partners will continue to call attention to the ongoing labor crisis and the solutions to fix it.

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  1. totosite | Aug 09, 2022
    Your article has answered the question I was wondering about!   I would like to write a thesis on this subject, but I would like you to give your opinion once :D totosite

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