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  • Pittsburgh Hotel Housekeeper's Viral TikTok Video Shows Desperate Labor Shortage

    Aug 22, 2022

    The labor shortage continues to be an issue in the hotel industry. This situation has been exacerbated by summer travel, leading to a critical need for more housekeeping staff. To further highlight the desperate need for hotel staff, Pittsburgh housekeeper Kasea Zeiber uses TikTok to show how much laundry she must fold in an 8-plus hour shift.

  • President of the Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association Ray Patel Speaks Out Against Hotel Land Use Ordinance

    Aug 19, 2022

    President of the Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association and friend of AAHOA, Ray Patel, has been vocal against a measure that would require Los Angeles hotels to issue vouchers to unhoused residents for vacant hotel rooms.

  • Baird/STR Hotel Stock Index Jumped 14.3% in July

    Aug 19, 2022

    The Baird/STR Hotel Stock Index jumped 14.3% in July to a level of 5,158. Year to date, the stock index decreased 10.4% year to date through the first seven months of 2022.

  • The U.S. General Services Administration Announces Increased Per Diem Rates for FY 2023

    Aug 18, 2022

    Yesterday, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) released the per diem rate for fiscal year 2023. The per diem rates establish an allowance for federal employees to cover lodging, meals, and incidental expenses incurred while on official travel.

  • Registration Now Open for the 2022 HerOwnership Conference & Retreat!

    Aug 17, 2022

    We’re thrilled to announce that registration for the first AAHOA HerOwnership Conference & Retreat is now open! If you’re a woman hotelier who is interested in breaking into the hospitality industry or want to take your hotel career to the next level, this event is for you!

  • Congratulations to AAHOA Board Member Hitesh Patel: The New LPS of USA President

    Aug 17, 2022

    AAHOA congratulates Board Member Hitesh Patel on recently being named the new President of the Leuva Patidar Samaj of USA for the 2022-2023 term, making him the first AAHOA Board Member to serve in the highest-ranking position at LPS of USA.

  • Fox Business Network Interview: AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake Discusses LA City Councils Hotel Land Use Ordinance

    Aug 17, 2022

    During an interview with Fox Business’ Kelly O'Grady, AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake discussed the concern that Los Angeles hoteliers and the industry at large have if voters pass this controversial measure next year.

  • Happy Independence Day from AAHOA Chairman Neal Patel

    Aug 16, 2022

    India is celebrating its 75th Independence Day anniversary today, marking a special day for a majority of AAHOA Members. At AAHOA, it is not uncommon to meet hotel owners whose families moved to the U.S. from India in search of the “American Dream.”

  • FTC Guidance on Private Right of Action

    Aug 15, 2022

    Samuel Levine, the Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Bureau recently published a blog post on the FTC website, giving guidance on a possible private right of action available to consumers (franchisees) who have been harmed by alleged franchisor violations of the FTC Franchise Rule.

  • AAHOA Launches HerOwnership to Educate and Empower Women Hoteliers

    Aug 12, 2022

    AAHOA announced the launch of HerOwnership, an initiative aimed at elevating, educating, and empowering the women hoteliers of AAHOA and across the industry.

  • Connecticut Governor Lamont Announces Distribution of $30 Million in Grants To Support Hospitality Businesses Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Aug 12, 2022

    Governor Ned Lamont recently announced the distribution of $30 million in grants to support hospitality businesses that suffered financial losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible Connecticut hospitality businesses can anticipate receiving checks from the state’s Department of Revenue Services (DRS) that range in amounts from $7,500 to $49,999.

  • AAHOA Letter to Administrator Carnahan regarding GSA Per Diem Rates

    Aug 11, 2022

    AAHOA Chairman Neal Patel penned a letter to the head of the General Services Administration (GSA), calling on the agency to raise the per diem rate in FY 2023.

  • AirTalk Segment: AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake Talks Land Use Ordinance Impact to Hotels

    Aug 10, 2022

    AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake recently spoke to AirTalk guest host Sharon McNary about what the controversial Land Use Ordinance means for hoteliers and the hospitality industry in Los Angeles. Blake mentioned that AAHOA Members own more than half of all hotels in California, and hotel guests staying at member-owned hotels spend $45.5 billion in the state, demonstrating the significant travel-related economic impact and job creation. However, Blake expressed the concern of many AAHOA Members in Los Angeles. They fear business uncertainties and challenges if the Land Use Ordinance becomes law at the next city election in 2024. While AAHOA has great compassion for anyone who has lost a home, lost a job, or is living on the streets, this ordinance could put the safety of hotel staff and properties at risk. The ordinance would require hotel owners to report any vacant rooms to the City of Los Angeles at 2pm daily. The City would then issue vouchers to unhoused residents to stay at hotels with empty rooms. AAHOA has closely monitored this measure and is taking the necessary steps to ensure members are informed.

  • New Research Reveals the Truth about Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Hotel Management

    Aug 10, 2022

    With the recent release of AAHOA’s new ElevateHER women in leadership initiative, it’s important to continue to highlight the struggles that women in hospitality have had to face for many years, because unfortunately, change doesn't happen overnight. It’s no secret that discrimination based on gender is a problem in the hospitality industry. Stereotypes, low job status, lower pay, and disparity in leadership positions are just a few barriers to workplace equity that continue to plague women. As of 2021, women hold just one leadership position in hotel companies for every 10 men despite making up 57% of the workforce (source: Castell Project). The good news is that there ARE successful women in hospitality. Hertelier magazine spoke to some of these successful women and discovered remuneration, career advancement, and precarious positions are the three top areas of gender disparity in the hospitality industry.

  • News from Coast to Coast: Connecticut: $30 Million in Grants To Support Hospitality Businesses Now Available

    Aug 10, 2022

    The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development announced the Connecticut Hospitality Industry Support Program. The grant program allocates $30 million in grants to hospitality businesses that were negatively impacted by the pandemic. AAHOA applauds this use of American Rescue Plan Act funds and will continue to advocate for similar programs nationwide. For more information on eligibility and the application process, contact the Department of Economic and Community Development.

  • STR: Hotel Data Conference Sold Out for First Time Since 2019

    Aug 08, 2022

    The 14th Annual Hotel Data Conference takes place August 10-12 at the Omni Nashville Hotel, and has already sold out for the first time since 2019. Presented by AAHOA Industry Partner IDeaS and co-hosted by STR and Hotel News Now, the conference sold out six years in a row prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • HospitalityNet: AAHOA Statement on Los Angeles City Council Hearing Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements Ordinance

    Aug 08, 2022

    On Friday, August 5, 2022, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to place the “Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements” ordinance on the ballot for the next regular city election. AAHOA commends the Los Angeles City Council’s vote on this land use ordinance.

  • President of the Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association Ray Patel Discusses Safety Concerns Surrounding Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements Ordinance

    Aug 08, 2022

    Friend of AAHOA and President of Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association Ray Patel joined “Fox and Friends Weekend” to discuss the safety concerns surrounding the Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements ordinance.

  • AAHOA Statement on Los Angeles City Council Hearing Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements Ordinance

    Aug 05, 2022

    AAHOA, the nation’s largest hotel owners association, commends the Los Angeles City Council’s vote on the controversial land use ordinance. Following the City Council’s 12-to-0 vote today, the land use ordinance will be placed on the ballot of the next regular city election. AAHOA will remain active and engaged on this issue to protect the safety of hotel staff and the betterment of the Los Angeles travel and tourism industry. “The safety of our members, hotel guests, and hotel staff is our number one priority,” said AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake. “AAHOA applauds the Los Angeles City Council for the resounding vote on the mandate that would require hotels to house unsheltered individuals next to paying guests, as it would have created serious, immediate safety concerns.” “The impact of a unified AAHOA voice is a force to be reckoned with,” said AAHOA Chairman Neal Patel. “ There was an overwhelming response of AAHOA Members – approximately 125 hotel owners and staff – who showed up to the hearing to make their voices heard. Many members were required to stand outside because there was no space left in the hearing room.”

  • From the Wall Street Journal: Hotel Guests Are Back, but the Workers Aren’t

    Aug 05, 2022

    The summer is winding down but demand is high and available labor remains low. This is unfortunately an all too familiar issue for many AAHOA Members looking to keep the doors open and their hotels staffed. AAHOA is proud to advocate across the country for policies, investments, and partnerships to address the ongoing labor shortage affecting many of our members. AAHOA and our coalition partners will continue to call attention to the ongoing labor crisis and the solutions to fix it.