Ambassador Program

AAHOA Ambassador Program

The participation and talent of our dynamic membership is vital to AAHOA's success. If you want to make a difference for AAHOA members and the hospitality community, we encourage you to apply to serve as an AAHOA ambassador.


The Role of the Ambassador

    The AAHOA Ambassador shall support the activities of the Regional Director in:
  • Regional member communications
  • Member networking
  • Membership development
  • The promotion of AAHOA’s mission, vision, services, programs, and values


Annually, within 30 days following the end of the annual convention, each Regional Director of the Board shall nominate Ambassadors who shall reside in the region served by the nominating Director.

Ambassador Terms

The term of each Ambassador shall run from the day after the end of the annual convention to the last day of the next annual convention and all AAHOA Ambassadors shall be required to attend an annual orientation.


Ambassadors must be AAHOA members in good standing.

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