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AAHOA is the voice of America’s hotel owners, but we are so much more than that. We are business men and women. We are leaders. We are dream-chasers. We are change-makers. We are history-makers. 

During these unprecedented times, we continue to stand side by side, demonstrating what it means to be #AAHOAStrong. Together, we are more resilient. Together, we make a difference. Together, we support each other. Together, we find inspiration. Together, we are #AAHOAStrong.


AAHOA has been with you every step of the way. Here is some of the amazing feedback we've been getting from the #AAHOAStrong community, as we've been working around the clock to help hotel owners weather the COVID-19 storm. 

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As states move toward reopening and creating a plan to do so, we at AAHOA remain committed to helping our members recover their businesses. To this end, we have curated and created resources on a page dedicated to informing and guiding our members through the recovery process.


Girish Patel Profiled in Washington, D.C., Business Daily for Voicing Support for Hotel Industry

13covid5.15Girish Patel, co-founder and principal of NewGen Worldwide, was recently highlighted in Washington, D.C., Business Daily for his appeal to the government to help the hotel industry survive COVID-19. Patel said it’s hard to believe some people in important positions don’t seem to understand the dangerous and uncertain future the American hotel industry is facing. Standing #AAHOASTRONG, Girish has been voicing support to elected officials for the nation's more than 65,000 hotels and the millions of workers they employ.

AAHOA Gulf Regional Director Named to Louisiana Task Force to Aid Reopening

13covid5.18AAHOA Gulf Regional Director Nick Zaver has been named to a task force created by the Resilient Louisiana Commission (RLC) to make recommendations on reopening the state post-COVID-19. The task force, comprised of hospitality and tourism professionals, will study best practices from around the nation and across industries to help the RLC develop a game plan to safely reopen the state’s businesses and to pursue short- and long-term success in an uncertain future. The AAHOA community praises the efforts of Zaver for helping to shape recovery for hoteliers across Louisiana.

AAHOA Lifetime Member Recognized by Houston Mayor for Charitable Work in His Community

AAHOA Lifetime Member Hasu Patel, the father of South Texas Regional Director Sawan H. Patel, was recognized recently by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner for his tireless service to the community. Hasu, on behalf of the Small Independent Motel Association (SIMA) of Houston and the local hospitality industry, donated 30,000 protective surgical masks, 1,000 protective N95 masks, and 30,000 gloves to the City of Houston Office of Emergency Management to distribute to first responders and to the community to help in the battle against the coronavirus crisis. AAHOA applauds and thanks Hasu for truly embodying what it means to be #AAHOASTRONG.


Lifetime Member Babu (Jerry) Patel Spearheads Efforts to Provide $22,500+ for Those in Need

Members of AAHOA are continuing to give back to their local communities, demonstrating what it means to be #AAHOASTRONG. Lifetime Member Babu (Jerry) Patel recently led efforts for COVID-19 relief in Jackson, MS. With unemployment throughout the state at a record high due to COVID-19, leaders in the Indian community saw an immediate need to support the Mississippi Food Network in their efforts to get food in the hands of those most impacted during this crisis.

“We try to help as much as we can. Everything counts. We are in a time of need, so we come together as Indians in Mississippi. To show our support, we give back to our state that has helped many of those in our community come a long way from where we started,” Babu Patel said.

The group raised more than $22,500 for the Mississippi Food Network. On behalf of AAHOA, we'd like to thank everyone involved for making a difference and representing what it means to be #AAHOASTRONG.

#AAHOAStrong Challenge: Join Us to Make a Positive Impact

covid115.3AAHOA Female Directors Nimisha Patel and Lina Patel, and AAHOA Chairwoman Jagruti Panwala, have created an initiative for hoteliers. They’re challenging everyone to create 51 care packages per household by May 22, 2020. The kits will be made to benefit homeless shelters or women’s shelters in your community. Collect soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and toothpaste, tissues, hand sanitizers, and feminine hygiene products, and package them together in a Ziploc bag or a lunch bag. Use this time of social distancing to come together as a family, make memories, and make a positive impact.

Post pictures on social media using the hashtag #AAHOAStrong, and make sure to tag AAHOA or email it over to us at

Hundreds of Community Members Worked Together to Provide PPE for Those at Risk Under the Leadership of AAHOA Lifetime Member Nikunj (Nikki) Shah

covid125.1AAHOA Lifetime Member Nikunj (Nikki) Shah began a new COVID-19 Mask Donation initiative with the help of his clients, friends, and family members. “Every single day the numbers are getting worse, the shortages are getting worse, and I just know what these medical people are going through on the front lines without equipment,” Nikki said. For him it was personal. He knew many people, including his sister, who were working with little to no personal protective equipment (PPE).

“One mask can save the life of the person wearing the mask and can also save the lives of all those people that come in contact with that one person. We care about every single one of you, you all matter very much to all of us, so we will try to get as many masks as we can,” Nikki said.

The group spread the word through friends and social media and began collecting donations through Facebook and phone calls. Hundreds joined the movement and volunteered to help in different ways. In 14 days, the initiative raised $91,865 and donated to more than 204 organizations.

Thanks to Nikki, friends and family, clients, and hundreds of others who have made a direct impact on the lives of so many. Thank you for embodying what it means to be #AAHOASTRONG.

AAHOA Members Lend a Hand During the Pandemic, Embody the Meaning of “Samaj”

covid124.30AAHOA Members were recognized in a recent article published by Asian Hospitality. In Houston, and across the country, local samaj community groups are taking the message in that word to heart, even in the depth of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Despite our members facing a substantial drop in occupancy and revenue at their hotels, they still have a lending hand and huge hearts to donate to this initiative,” said AAHOA Lifetime Member Saajan Patel. 

“Basically, we want to encourage other samaj organizations across the U.S. to help out in their communities too, whether they be donating masks and gloves or giving monetary contributions or giving meals to first responders,” Saajan said.

Thank you to the many AAHOA Members who are stepping up in their communities and making a difference in the lives of so many others. You represent what it means to be #AAHOASTRONG and #SamajStrong.

Wyndham CEO Recognizes an AAHOA Member in “Stories from the Frontlines” Video Message

covid114.25A new video message from Wyndham President & CEO Geoff Ballotti recognizes the incredible work and inspiring stories of kindness, compassion, and generosity taking place all over the globe. AAHOA Ambassador and Lifetime Member Vibhu Joshi, with the help of friends and family, handcrafted more than 2,000 face masks for medical centers and nursing homes.

Thank you to Geoff for recognizing the incredible work of hoteliers and to Vibhu and family for stepping up in your communities in times of need.

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AAHOA Lifetime Member and Ambassador Lends Her Time to Help Others in Need

covidaahoastrong4.24AAHOA Lifetime Member and Ambassador Amita Patel, of Tyler, TX, looks forward to when she can get out of the house to lend her time to the East Texas Food Bank, where she volunteers to prepare meal boxes for those in need. “The best memories I will cherish in this pandemic is every Wednesday being at the food bank to help get meal boxes ready,” she says. The meal boxes are given out weekly to those in need, and many must think about how they’ll survive with the food provided and how they can make it last. When we look around, we also see hunger is real, and it’s scary, too,” Amita said. “I pray and wish that this crisis we are all facing is soon over, so they don’t have to depend on this meal box alone.”

Thank you to Amita, and the many others who volunteer with the East Texas Food Bank, for making such an invaluable impact. The AAHOA community applauds your acts of kindness and generosity.

AAHOA Lifetime Member Vic Patel Donates Thousands of Gloves and Masks to N.C. Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, and Health Department

covidaahoastrong4.23In seeking ways to support his community, AAHOA Lifetime Member Vic Patel, of Dillsboro, NC, recognized that essential workers in his community were lacking access to necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. He was able to secure a large shipment of high-grade and disposable masks – thousands of them – that he was able to provide to his local police department, sheriff’s office, and health department. And he didn’t stop there. Vic is also offering shelter to the homeless during these difficult times, and has been collecting essentials, such as toilet paper, to donate to local senior centers.

Thank you to Vic and everyone involved in Dillsboro for helping to keep your community safe during these times. Your acts of kindness embody the spirit of community and rallying together to help the most vulnerable among us.

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Lifetime Member Niraj Dhanani, Arizona Hoteliers Donate to Frontline Workers


Lifetime Member Niraj Dhanani and a group of friends and hoteliers in Phoenix, AZ, stepped up to raise funds in order to help the frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dubbing themselves the Arizona Hotel/Motel Owners Group, they donated $24,000 to Maricopa County ValleyWise Health and Professional Firefighters of Arizona. “We needed to unite as a group to collectively make a positive impact in our local community,” said Dhanani, of AP Hospitality. “This was just a small way for us to show appreciation to all our heroes on the front line. We truly appreciate all our supporters and generous donors making this possible. Our original goal was to donate supplies, but later found out that donating money can go lot further for their immediate needs and allowing them to buy the supplies at a much lower cost.” AAHOA lauds and thanks to Dhanani for truly embodying what it means to be #AAHOASTRONG.

Women Hoteliers Make 1,000+ Care Packages for Women’s Shelters in OH, KY


Nearly 20 women hoteliers provided supplies for 1,000 care packages created for women’s shelters in Ohio and Kentucky, which includes basic items such as hand sanitizers, wipes, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, lotion, snacks, bandages, and much more. AAHOA celebrates and thanks these hoteliers for donating their time efforts and truly exemplifying what it means to be #AAHOASTRONG! Thank you, Shila Patel, Nila Patel, Hina Patel, Asha Patel, Lina Patel, Smita Patel, Pratixa Das, Falguni Patel, Sarju Patel, Mona Bhog, Surekha Patel, Pritty Patel, Sunita Patel, Reena Patel, Meghna Patel, Sangita Patel, Manisha Kalyan, Dimple Patel, and Jigisha Patel!


AAHOA Board, Staff to Donate 8,500 Face Masks to Atlanta-Area Hospital

On Friday, June 5, Georgia Regional Director Vik Zaver, AAHOA Lifetime Member Dylan Patel, and two AAHOA staff members, Dascia Freeman and Tiffany Pearce, had the honor of presenting Atlanta-area hospitals with face masks, donated on behalf of AAHOA, to help front-line workers as a part of the industry’s #HospitalityStrong campaign to shed light on the positive impact that the industry – and AAHOA Members – have on their communities and giving back. With more deliveries to take place in the weeks to come, AAHOA is committed to donating a total of 8,500 masks in support of the Hospitality Strong initiative. Thank you to Vik, Dylan, Dascia, and Tiffany for helping to make this critical contribution!

An AAHOA Member’s Message of Empathy, Hope, and Unity

Sunny Tolani, CEO of Prince Organization and AAHOA Member, penned a letter to his entire organization encouraging them to remain hopeful and to try to feel purposeful as they continue to try to recover from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. His message of empathy, hope, and unity of purpose is worth sharing. As Hotel Business Editor-in-Chief Christina Trauthwein said, “Sometimes, as a leader, just showing empathy to your employees is what’s needed to keep spirits up and people motivated, despite the challenges.” Read it here.