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Tell Lawmakers How COVID-19 Is Impacting Your Business!

Congress passed a historic COVID-19 relief package in the CARES Act, and we can expect more recovery-focused legislation in the near future. We extend our gratitude to all of the AAHOA Members who took part in our advocacy campaigns over the past few weeks. America’s hoteliers spoke and Congress listened. 

It is imperative elected officials are constantly updated on the impacts COVID-19 is having on you, your business, and your employees. We encourage you to share your story in this letter to your members of Congress. 

The letter in this campaign contains six customizable sections, which will ask for a personal response based on the prompt provided. These sections allow you to tailor your input to be as detailed and as personal of a response as you like in order to convey COVID-19's impact on your business. In this letter we will ask you to provide:

  • Occupancy rates before COVID-19
  • Occupancy rates after COVID-19
  • General COVID-19 concerns as it relates to your business
  • Your solutions to these concerns
  • How you have managed your workforce
  • What you expect to see on your property in the next 4 weeks

Thank you for your service on behalf of our industry. Your time and efforts are truly appreciated. 

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Resource Guide for AAHOA Members: How to Contact Your Congressional District Offices

If you are looking for assistance with PPP or EIDL Loans, contacting the district office of your Representative or Senators can be helpful and make a big impact. AAHOA has created a brand-new guide to help walk members through how to find congressional district office contact information for their Representatives and Senators.


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Sign Up Your Hotel Now - Governments Need AAHOA Members' Help with Housing Needs

AAHOA is actively working with our partners in government and industry as it relates to State, Local, and Federal outreach to hotel owners regarding leasing/purchasing of hotels to meet the demand for immediate housing of individuals impacted by COVID-19. Please fill out this form if you might be interested in volunteering your property and look to your inbox for more in the coming days. We have compiled a checklist of items for you to consider here before proceeding. 

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