Disaster Preparedness Resources

As natural disasters continue to occur with increasing regularity and severity, it's important for hotel owners to ensure they have the proper resources to prepare for these events and begin the recovery process afterward. Please see below for information from AAHOA and state lodging association partners on how to get started.

FEMA and State Emergency Management Resources

Before disaster strikes, be ready to protect your investment. Download the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Guide for Business and Industry for a step-by-step approach to emergency planning, response, and recovery for businesses of all sizes. In addition, each state has a website with information on preparing for and recovering from natural disasters. If you have not already done so, please download the FEMA mobile app as well as the one for your state (if available) to receive alerts, view evacuation routes, get safety reminders, locate open shelters, find disaster assistance, and upload photos to assist first responders.



State Disaster/Emergency Family Preparedness Guides

Hurricane season is upon us. As torrential rains, tornadoes, and flooding ravage our country, especially in the Midwest, keeping your loved ones safe becomes just as critical as taking care of your investments. View your state's guide below to be sure your family will be as well prepared as your business should disaster strike.

Alabama: Be Ready
Alaska Emergency Response Guide for Small Communities
Arizona: Just in Case!
Arkansas Disaster Preparedness Guide
California Disaster Preparedness Guide
Colorado Emergency Response Guide
Florida: Plan & Prepare
Connecticut Guide to Emergency Preparedness
Delaware Disaster Preparedness Guide
Georgia Disaster Preparedness Plan
Hawai'i Emergency Preparedness Guide
Idaho Preparedness and Response Guide
Illinois Disaster Preparedness Guide
Indiana Disaster Preparedness Guide
Iowa Emergency Preparedness Guide
Kansas Emergency Preparedness Guide
Kentucky Emergency Preparedness Guide
Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Guide
Maine Emergency Preparedness Guide
Maryland Emergency Preparedness Guide
Massachusetts Emergency Preparedness Guide
Michigan Prepares
Minnesota Emergency Preparedness Guide
Mississippi: Be Prepared
Missouri: Plan & Prepare
Montana: Ready & Safe
Nebraska Disaster Preparedness Guide
Nevada Preparedness Plan
New Hampshire Emergency Plan
New Jersey: Plan & Prepare
New Mexico Family Preparedness Guide 
New York: Get Prepared
North Carolina Disaster Preparedness Guide
North Dakota: Planning & Safety
Ohio Family Disaster Preparedness Guide
Oklahoma Family Preparedness Guide
Oregon: Get Prepared
Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide
Rhode Island: Prepare Now
South Carolina: Prepare
South Dakota Emergency Preparedness Guide
Tennessee Disaster Preparedness Guide
Texas Emergency Preparedness Guide
Utah: Be Ready
Vermont Community Preparedness Guide
Virginia Emergency Preparedness Handbook
Washington: Be Prepared, Be Safe
West Virginia Emergency Preparedness Guide
Wisconsin Emergency Preparedness Guide
Wyoming: Being Prepared

Wildfires: How to Protect Your Business and Your Employees

Wildfires are becoming increasingly common and far more devastating in the United States. As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to minimize the chances that your property will be destroyed by fire. But you also want to make sure all of your employees are kept safe. Having a plan in place and knowing ahead of time what your legal obligations are toward your staff are critical to surviving one of nature's most destructive forces. Download this wildfire business preparation guide and the OSHA regulationsinformation today.


Working with Emergency Responders

In times of emergency, AAHOA stands ready to support emergency responders and local officials in assisting impacted communities with evacuations and finding temporary accommodations for displaced residents. We also are proactive in helping to feed first responders. Offering a discounted room rate, or even complimentary services, to those impacted is most welcome and would be greatly appreciated.

Who are your local heroes? Email pr@aahoa.com to share your stories of strength and rescue.


Additional Resources