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Advocacy Days

Throughout the year, AAHOA Members are storming Capitol Hill to strengthen the hospitality industry and influence public policy. Make sure you're involved in the action at the next state or federal advocacy day.

Action Alerts 

Last year, AAHOA members sent over 30,000 letters to elected officials at the state and federal level. It only takes a minute of your time to become an elite advocate for the hospitality industry and small-business community. Take action now.

2020 Property Data Survey

As the voice of America’s Hoteliers, AAHOA advocates on behalf of all members in statehouses across the U.S. and in Washington. To appropriately represent the strength of our industry and the scope of member enterprises to legislators, AAHOA needs specific data on where members own and operate hotels.

Being able to tell an elected official that there are 40 AAHOA members in their district who own 60 hotels and employ hundreds of their local constituents is powerful. This information illustrates the extensive economic contributions of hoteliers and makes legislators more responsive to our policy priorities.

Help AAHOA help you by equipping our advocacy team with the information they need to represent your interests to lawmakers at every level of government. Complete the 2020 Property Data Survey today.