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Mayor de Blasio Needs to Hear from NYC Hoteliers!

| Oct 01, 2021

Dear New York City AAHOA Members,

Mayor de Blasio will have a virtual hearing on Tuesday, October 5 at 12:30 PM on lnt. no. 2397. 

Hotels that closed to the public on or after March 2020 and have not reopened and recalled 25 percent of the workforce by October 2021 would be required to make employee severance payments. There is a $500 payment for each employee per week up to 30 weeks in the case of a mass layoff or closure in addition to any previously provided severance compensation. 

Unfortunately, this bill has unintended consequences on small business owners and the hard-working employees they support. Mayor de Blasio needs to hear from AAHOA Members in New York City on how this bill impacts you.

Here's how you can take action:

The campaign is geographically restricted to New York City AAHOA Members. Please forward this email to your fellow New York City hoteliers so they can make their voices heard! 

Thank you for taking action, 

AAHOA Advocacy

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