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From the Department of Labor: October Jobs Report and a Response to Stakeholders on Raising the H-2B Visa Cap

| Nov 09, 2021

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published the October Employment Situation, reporting a 0.2% decrease in the unemployment rate month over month. The unemployment rate for October closed at 4.6% with 7.4 million people unemployed throughout the month. The leisure and hospitality segments continued to add jobs, with employment increasing by 164,000 in October with accommodation adding 23,000 jobs, an uptick from 2,00 jobs added in September. The full report can be accessed here.

In response to stakeholder requests to raise the H-2B visa cap, the Department of Labor released an announcement outlining why it is rejecting new cap-subject petitions. Read the full announcement here.

“While the 33,000 H-2B cap for the first half of FY 2022 has been reached, we encourage every employer seeking workers to visit the almost 2,400 American Job Centers (AJC) nationwide to find and hire talented workers, as well as to train and retain qualified workers. Additionally, the Department recognizes the incredible value of our nation’s veterans and encourages tapping into their skills and talents. There are Veteran Employment Representatives in every AJC across the country who can assist businesses and veterans with their employment needs. You may also consider working with the Department’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service to facilitate recruitment efforts in the veteran community.”

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