Pledge to Protect Our Guests, Employees, and Businesses

In order for Americans to return to normal travel patterns, guests need to have confidence that hotels are safe and employees are protected from COVID-19. In addition to ensuring industry standards for sanitization, the most critical action hoteliers can take now is to encourage your staff to get a vaccination as soon as they are available.

In the days and weeks ahead, Americans will be motivated to travel, and we want to ensure we are prepared by protecting our employees and encouraging them to get vaccinated.


  1. Sign the Pledge to Protect Your Guests, Employees, and Businesses.

  2. Send this email from the CDC to your employees.

  3. Post these posters in break rooms and areas where your employees gather.

  4. Provide time, reduce barriers, and consider incentives for your employees to get vaccinated when they are available. (Employer tax credits may be available for those who provide paid leave for vaccinations.)

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“Our industry is resilient, and I have great optimism that we will not only overcome this pandemic this year, but we will also get our economy back on track. Hotel owners are ready and willing to continue doing their part to help protect their workers, their guests, and their communities."

AAHOA Past Chair Biran Patel


By the Numbers


⅓ of Hospitality Employees

About a third of restaurant, hotel, and other hospitality workers don’t intend to be vaccinated against COVID-19, largely because of fears about the aftereffects. Source


2.8M Bookings

In January 2021, a European tour operator received 2.8 million bookings for summer vacations, which is about 50% of 2019 levels. Most of these bookings were made by UK residents, possibly bolstered by the successful vaccine drive in their country. Source


70%-80% to Reach Herd Immunity

Many medical experts believe the solution to uncertainty is herd immunity. Based on past experiences with vaccines, once we reach higher levels of vaccinations — 70% to 80% — the virus can no longer find enough hosts to create an outbreak. Source



85% Ready and Willing

Nearly 85% of Americans are either already willing to travel or would be willing to do so once they get the vaccine or it reaches a larger portion of the population. Source



48% Dependent on the Vaccine

A recent forecast found that 48% of travelers say their willingness to travel is tied to vaccinations in some way. Source



A Correlation to Vaccination

Older people are more eager to travel in 2021 than other age groups, and also are more likely to link the timing of their travel to when they receive their vaccinations. Source


Resources & Documents


Vaccine Tracker

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SOURCE: Ariadne Labs


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