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AAHOA 2022 Policy Handbook

The 117th Congress and state legislatures throughout the country are convening for legislative sessions in 2022. Hoteliers continue to face an array of challenges even as the economy rebounds. From the Capitol to capitals coast to coast, learn more about how AAHOA is engaging with elected officials to elevate the business interests of America’s hoteliers.

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 2022 Policy Priorities Cover

Workforce Relations

In the hotel industry, our employees are not only the face of our business to our customers, they’re also the most important asset we have. Unfortunately, the government is trying to come between us and our employees. Learn more about our efforts on the key workforce-relations issue of Joint Employer.

Drive-by Lawsuits

Frivolous lawsuits are driving up the cost of doing business and driving away customers. Many times, the lawsuits have no grounds, but it’s often easier to settle out of court than it is to fight it. One area where this is prevalent is in lawsuits over compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn more about our efforts to change the law to make it fairer for everyone.

Tax Reform

The tax code should work to the benefit of job creators like us, not against us. Critical tax code provisions like 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges are extremely beneficial to hotel owners and must be protected. Hotel lodging/occupancy taxes take dollars out of our customers’ pockets, so they must be kept both low and fair. Learn more about our efforts on tax reform.

Travel & Tourism

Hotels, more than any other area of the hospitality industry, rely heavily on travel and tourism. That's why we have long supported government policies that enhance and grow tourism. Policies such as the Visa Waiver Program, which makes it easier for foreign tourists to come to the United States, and state budgets for tourism promotion and marketing, which drive more visitors to the state, are critical tools in growing travel and tourism across the nation. Learn more about our efforts.