AAHOA Advocacy in Action

| Jun 22, 2022

The AAHOA team works around the clock to advance the business interests of America’s hoteliers at all levels of government. Check out how AAHOA engaged with policy officials and hospitality leaders last week to protect your bottom line:

  • Advocacy Conferences: AAHOA Vice President of Government Affairs Dean Heyl attended the Attorney General Alliance Conference. Heyl had many productive conversations with the Attorney Generals in attendance, reminding them of the upcoming Regional meetings and AAHOA Member’s economic impact thanks to Oxford Economics Study statistics.

  • North Carolina Occupancy Taxes: Occupancy taxes in North Carolina are currently being used for non-tourism resources and the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association is looking into this situation. The Occupancy Tax Subcommittee strongly prefers that occupancy tax revenue goes towards tourism and tourism uses. 

  • Regional Directors Connect with Americans for Tax Reform state-affiliated groups: AAHOA is connecting Regional Directors with Americans for Tax Reform state-affiliated groups. The groups range from the New Hampshire GOP to the New York Empire Center to the Orlando pro-business meeting, providing AAHOA Members the opportunity to form coalitions with like-minded organizations. 

  • AAHOA Taps into the 5G Revolution: AAHOA is working with Tetto, a wireless tower broker, on ways to help hoteliers enhance 5G signals for hotel guests and operations. 

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