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2023 Nomination Process & Candidate Profiles

Serving on the AAHOA Board of Directors provides a rewarding opportunity to help drive the strategic direction of a national association dedicated to advancing and protecting the interests of hotel owners. Answer the call today and volunteer to serve. 

Each candidate seeking to become an elected member of the Board of Directors shall comply with each of the qualifications set out in AAHOA Bylaws Art. V (2), the Election Governing Protocol, available in full on AAHOA.com > About Us > Governance & Forms.

In pertinent part, eligible candidates shall:

  • Currently serve on an AAHOA committee, have served on an AAHOA committee for one (1) full term, or have served on a hospitality industry, hospitality brand, community service, or local business association committees and/or boards.

  • Be a paid member of AAHOA by April 1 in each of the two (2) years prior to the year of election and become a lifetime member on or before the nomination deadline.

  • Have resided in the designated region or division he/she seeks to represent for a period of not less than one year immediately prior to the election.

  • Have, or have had in the past 365 days, at least twenty percent (20%) combined partnership or ownership interest in one or multiple hotels. 


All Secretary candidates shall either be an elected currently serving Board member, or an outgoing Board member whose term expires on the day of elections. Nominations for Secretary were due Oct. 1, 2022.

The 2023-24 AAHOA Board of Directors candidate nomination period runs through Monday, February 13, 2023.

To apply, access the 2023-2024 Director Nomination Form

Voting procedures may be subject to change. 

Meet the Candidates

For the 2023 AAHOA Elections, two AAHOA Members have volunteered to fill one open position for AAHOA Secretary on the AAHOA Board of Directors.  

Candidates for Secretary

Headshot - Pinal Patel

Pinal S. Patel

Headshot - Rahul Patel

Rahul Patel

Dedication. Passion. Support. These are the three words that I’ve taken to heart as I served the last 10 years in AAHOA. As your Florida Regional Director, I’ve worked to SUPPORT the membership in their business ventures and other aspects of their lives. I’ve PASSIONATELY served on many AAHOA committees to increase the MEMBER BENEFITS, such as revising the 12 points of FAIR FRANCHISING. I’ve DEDICATED my time and effort to make sure that when our children come into this industry, they don’t have to fight to make a living.

AAHOA was founded to provide us with EQUAL OPPORTUNITY in an unfair world, we must continue to fight for that goal. I want to make our COLLECTIVE VOICE be heard at the Capitol Hill. I want to make AAHOA FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT. I want to make our future brighter than our past.



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