Hotel Owners

AAHOA represents nearly 20,000 hoteliers across the U.S. who own more than 34,000 hotels.


Annual Spending

AAHOA Members spend more than $31 billion on operating costs and an additional $900 million on capital improvements each year.


of American Hotels

AAHOA Members own 60% of the hotels across the United States, across every class and segment.


Contributed to U.S. GDP

AAHOA Members contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to the U.S. GDP, representing a 1.7% contribution overall.


12 Points of Fair Franchising Educational Webinar Series

A Deeper Dive on AAHOA's 12 Points
AAHOA's 12 Points Webinar Series brings you the information you need related to the 12 Points of Fair Franchising, which continue AAHOA's mission to support the long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between industry Franchisors and Franchisees.

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Upcoming Events

September 30, 2020

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September 30, 2020

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September 30, 2020

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AAHOACON registration

04.11.2023 - 04.14.2023

2023 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show

The nation’s largest event exclusively for hotel owners. Join us in sunny Los Angeles for the hospitality industry’s premier event of the year! The 2023 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show brings together the who’s who of the industry for networking, education, and deal-making on the trade show floor. The biggest gathering of AAHOA Members, who collectively own 60% of the hotels in the nation, is taking place in April, and you don’t want to miss it!

Thousands of Dollars In Savings Annually

Through exclusive vendor discount programs with providers like these.




January 2023

Today's Hotelier

Today’s Hotelier is the trusted monthly magazine exclusively serving hoteliers, brought to you by AAHOA, the organization representing the voice of America’s hotel owners.

Today’s Hotelier, the official monthly magazine of AAHOA, offers a deep dive into industry news and issues. It explores hospitality’s most critical issues, from minimum-wage adjustments and drive-by lawsuits to tax reform and workforce relations. It also offers thoughtful examinations of our dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Today’s Hotelier also provides a wealth of practical guidance on everyday life as a hotel owner. Each month, industry experts weigh in on everyday ownership concerns, such as financing, F&B, OTAs, and interior design. Today’s Hotelier is the go-to publication for all hospitality industry professionals.

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