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  • Service Animals
  • Parking Lots
  • Lawsuit Settlements
  • Demand Letters and Lawsuits
  • Empowered to Self-Evaluate - ADA Requirements
  • U.S. Access Board Webinars on ADA
  • Website Accessibility
  • Life Quest ADA Hospitality Tip Sheet
  • Understanding ADA Compliance: Your Responsibility as an Employer
  • Stemming the Tide of ADA Lawsuits
  • ADA Website Accessibility
  • Service Animals: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  • Equal Access to Websites: Balancing Aesthetics and Accessibility
  • Website Accessibility: What You Need to Know to Maintain and Grow Your Customer Base
  • CA Hoteliers: Certified Access Specialist Program - Stay Compliant and Avoid a Lawsuit
  • Essential ADA Compliance Tips for Hotels
  • Any ADA Compliance Violations? Spy Before You Buy
  • Comply with Web Accessibility Standards Today
  • ADA Website Accessibility: Myths vs. Facts
  • ADA Compliance for Restrooms
  • ADA Website Accessibility: It's More Than Just Technical Compliance, It's Content Too
  • Tenancy at Hotels and Avoiding Messy Evictions
  • Keeping Bed Bugs from Invading Your Business
  • Sink or Swim: Pool Safety and Compliance
  • Traveling Pets = Loyal Guests
  • You’re Playing My Jam: Music Licensing for Hoteliers
  • Hotels and Price Gouging: What Hotel Companies Should Know
  • OSHA Compliance - Hazard Communication, Safety Programs, and OSHA Recording/Reporting
  • Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreements: Protecting Your Investment from Competitors
  • Pests of Public Health Importance
  • Ditch the Drops: Pool Testing Made Easy
  • Cal-OSHA’s New Housekeeper Standard: What You Need to Know to Prepare Your Hotel
  • Compliance with Cal-OSHA’s New Hotel Housekeeping Standard: Advice from an Ergonomist
  • New California Prop 65 Warnings for Hotels Required by Aug. 30, 2018 – Are You Ready?
  • Understanding and Managing Your Legionella Risk
  • How California’s Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) Makes Labor Code Compliance the No. 1 Priority
  • Preparing for Flu Season
  • ECOLAB - Smart Strategies to Protect Your Success
  • CDC - Turning the Tide: The Role of Water Management to Prevent Legionnaires’ Disease
  • Preventing Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ and Other Waterborne Diseases
  • Managing Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ and Other Waterborne Diseases

  • Learn the Power of 504 Refinancing 
  • Financing 101 for Young Professional
  • Funding Your Property Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • How Do You Utilize Section 1031 'Like-Kind' Exchanges?
  • Financing Beyond the Bank
  • Calculating Your Borrowing Power
  • Let's Talk Money: Financing Your Projects
  • Refinancing Your Construction Loan
  • Financing Your Conversion or Upcoming PIP
  • Pre-Paying Your Commercial Mortgage
  • How to Smooth Your Path to the Hotel Financing Closing Table
  • Common CMBS Myths and Misconceptions
  • Getting the Most Out of Your 1031
  • SBA vs. CMBS and Other Alternative Non-Recourse Financing - How They Compare, When to Use What, and Why
  • Do You Have an Exit Strategy?
  • Financial Wellness 101
  • Understanding Bridge Financing
  • Estate Planning for Hoteliers: Why It’s Important and How to Do It Right
  • Your Business Structure: Now More Important Than Ever
  • How to Close the Equity Gap and Green Your Hotel with PACE Financing
  • Meeting the Challenge: Mitigating Risk in the Hospitality Sector Today
  • Hotel Negotiations Made Easy from a Sales Perspective
  • Estate Planning Done Right: Know Your Options and Reduce Risks
  • Lessons Learned in Valuing, Marketing, and Selling Your Hotel
  • PACE Financing for Resiliency: Storms, Earthquakes and Other Disasters
  • SBA Loans and the Hotel Lending Process
  • Finance Your Hotel with the USDA B&I Program
  • Business Succession and Estate Planning for Hotel Owners
  • Simple Steps for Exiting Your Business Part 1: Succession Planning
  • Simple Steps for Exiting Your Business Part 3: Estate Planning
  • Labor Costs: How to Lower Your Biggest Expense
  • Funding Your Child’s College Education
  • Take Advantage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Changes
  • Retirement Savings Made Simple: Traditional vs. Roth IRA
  • Your Hotel Is Losing Revenue: Do You Refinance, Restructure, or Sell?
  • Labor: How To Turn Your Biggest Expense Into Your Best Investment
  • Is Your Business Capable of Being a Multi-Generational Business?
  • The Root of Family Business Conflict
  • How to Effectively Manage Conflict Within a Family Business
  • Cover Your Assets! How to Protect Yourself and Your Hotel from Financial Threats
  • Developing an Employee Financial Wellness Strategy
  • Selling Without a Sales Team - Part 1
  • Selling Without a Sales Team - Part 2
  • Selling the Experience
  • Intelligent Buying and Selling: Due Diligence Dos and Don'ts
  • Subconscious Selling Success
  • Selling to the Four Personality Types
  • Effective Sales Questions: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  • How to Overcome “No” in Sales in 4 Simple Steps
  • Boost Revenue by Putting the Science Back into Sales
  • How to Hire Hotel Salespeople
  • Let Your People and Your Culture Be Your Differentiator – Part 1
  • Let Your People and Your Culture Be Your Differentiator – Part 2
  • Front Desk: The Forgotten Sales Department
  • Networking for Results: Build Powerful, Productive and Profitable Relationships
  • Conducting Regular, Effective Sales Meetings

  • OTAs vs. Direct Marketing Campaign
  • Understanding the OTAs
  • Examining Hotel Performance and the Growth of the OTAs
  • Make Brand.com & OTAs: AProfitable Combination
  • Book Direct Campaigns
  • Leveraging Disruptive Technologies to Drive Direct Bookings and Compete with OTAs

  • Human Trafficking Recognition and Response
  • Building Relationships with Local Officials
  • Cybersecurity: Protecting Your PC In a Public Place
  • Guest Safety: What is Your Legal Duty and Best Practices for Guest Care?
  • Don't Give DANGER a Keycard to Your Property
  • Workplace Violence & Legal Liability
  • Managing Incidents to Favorable Outcomes
  • Information Security & Privacy: Your Guests Want It ... and So Should You
  • Your Information Security & Privacy Toolbox: The Must-Haves
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): What Comes Next?
  • Human Trafficking and the Hospitality Industry: Protecting Lives, Guests, and Your Reputation
  • The Darknet: How to Protect Yourself, Your Guests, and Your Business
  • Nuisance Law: How to Prevent Violations and Protect Your Hotel
  • Ensuring a Safe Environment for Your Hotel Guests and Staff
  • Law Enforcement and Privacy of Hotel Guest Lists
  • How to Handle Intoxicated and Otherwise Challenging Guests in the Hospitality Industry
  • Cybersecurity for Guest-Facing Technologies
  • What Do You Do When You Discover Illegal Activity In Your Guestroom?
  • Top Financial Management Strategies to Legally Minimize Your Taxes - How to Pay Less to 'Uncle Sam'
  • The Secret to Using Your Business to Create Your Own Pension - And Get Big Tax Breaks Along the Way
  • Property Insurance: Are You Covered for What Your Business Actually Needs?
  • Property Tax 101: Keep More of Your Money
  • Partnerships vs. Corporations: Why Does It Matter?
  • The Insurance Workout: Warming Up
  • Save on Your Federal Taxes with Cost Segregation
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance: Why You Need It
  • Commercial Property Insurance Claims: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business
  • 'Like-Kind' Exchanges and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: A Primer
  • Contractual Insurance Requirements for a Construction Project: A General Overview – Part I
  • Insurance Requirements When the Owner is the General Contractor of a Construction Project – Part II
  • Insurance Requirements When Hiring a General Contractor – Part III
  • Increase Cash Flow with Proven Strategy
  • Insurance Workout: Strengthening and Toning - Property Insurance
  • Insurance Workout: Virtual Exercise – GDPR Compliance and Insurance
  • Tax Reform: Impact on Real Estate and Hotel Owners
  • The Best Tax Planning Strategy to Increase Profits
  • Maximizing Your Return with a Hurricane Insurance Claim
  • Accidents Happen - Know How to Protect Your Business
  • Big Tax Savings Ahead with Opportunity Zones
  • Keep More in Your Pocket with a 199A Deduction and Interest Expense Limitation
  • How to Take Advantage of the Depreciation in Your Hotels
  • Financial Benefits of Charitable Giving
  • Avoid Overpaying on Your Hotel Property Taxes
  • Reduce Your Tax Bill Now with the New 20-Percent Pass-Through Deduction
  • Understanding Life Insurance
  • Hotel Tax Depreciation Post-Tax Reform
  • Cyber Liability: Understanding the Exposures and How to Properly Insure Your Hotel
  • Essential Tax Incentive Tips for New York State Hotel Owners
  • Understanding How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impacts You and Your Business

  • Accelerating Revenue
  • Optimizing & Activating Revenue Channels
  • Avoid Group Cancellations Due to Zika Virus Announcement 
  • FREE Energy Efficiency Resources
  • Maximize Value with Third-Party Purchasing Companies
  • Loyalty and Revenue Optimization Techniques
  • Five Revenue Management Strategies to Beat the Competition During the Slow Season
  • The Market Downturn - How You Can Brace for It
  • How to Stand Out Above Your Comp Set
  • The Psychology of Pricing: Do the Experts Fall for the Same Tricks?
  • 5 Things Your Front Desk Could Start Doing to Increase Your Revenue
  • Time to Take Action: Data Analysis to Drive Revenue
  • Profile of the Groups and Meetings Market: Exploring the Rise in Intermediation
  • Extend Your Knowledge About Extended Stay
  • Top Five Trends in Revenue Management and What You Should Be Doing About Them Now
  • Modular Construction: Is It Right for You?
  • Green Roofs: A Beautiful, Sustainable, and Profitable Addition to Your Hotel
  • Save Money and Energy: How to Make the Business Case for Energy-Efficient Hotel Operations
  • Market Segmentation: The Secret to Success in Today’s Hotel Landscape
  • Hotel Shuttle Transportation Service: A Hidden Opportunity
  • Boost Revenue by Putting the Science Back into Sales
  • Design Matters: How to Convert to a Boutique Hotel on a Budget
  • Protect Your Investment: Save Money on Linens, and Reduce Your Cost Per Load
  • Why Energy Efficiency is a Smart Investment, and How You Can Unlock Capital to Fund It
  • 10 Things To Do When Your Hotel is Slow
  • Strategically Choosing the Correct Comp Set
  • Effective and Efficient Dual-Brand Marketing
  • Social Media Essentials
  • Smart SEO Techniques to Drive Consumers to Your Website
  • Increase Revenue with Social Media
  • Marketing Your Hotel: Key Metrics to Boost Brand Visibility and Increase ROI
  • How Will Voice Search Impact Hotel Marketing?
  • Tweet All You Want, But Don’t Be a Twit: Social Media Risks and Best Practices
  • Connect with Travelers Where Journeys Happen - on Facebook and Instagram
  • Drive Hotel Bookings with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel
  • Use Facebook Messenger to Connect with Your Customers in Meaningful Ways
  • How Hotels Can Manage Their Online Reputations by Generating Reviews
  • How to Use Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Direct Traffic
  • Kalibri Labs’ Book Direct Report: Loyalty Campaigns Consistently Contribute to Growth
  • Sojern’s State of the Industry Findings: Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Hotel Marketers
  • Sojern’s The 2019 Report on Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Travel

  • HR Law: Understand the Dos and Don’ts for Hiring and Terminating Employees
  • HR Law: Providing Accommodation as a Part of an Employee’s Wages
  • Are Overtime Regulations Going to Hurt Your Small Business?
  • HR Law: Employment Law Currents for the Hospitality Industry
  • Preparing for the Overtime Final Rule
  • DOL Additional Resources Regarding Preparation for Final Overtime Rule
  • HR Pitfalls: Common Employment Law Mistakes to Avoid
  • Overtime: Preliminary Injunction Granted. Now What?
  • Five Ways to Connect Better with Millennial Employees
  • Preventing a Wage and Hour Investigation
  • Best Practices When Under a Wage & Hour Investigation
  • Misclassification: Employee vs. Independent Contractor
  • FMLA: My Employee Needs Time Off. Now What?
  • Best Practices for Employee Timekeeping to Avoid a Wage and Hour Lawsuit
  • Top 5 “Must Have” Employee Handbook Policies for Hoteliers
  • Hiring and Firing: Protecting Your Business and Your Bottom Line
  • Are You Paying Your Employees the Right Amount?
  • Hiring & Firing: Increase Profit & Limit Liability
  • 5 Ways to Lawsuit-Proof Your HR
  • What’s New in Employment Law for 2018: Your Hotel’s Early Check-In
  • Recruiting Stellar Talent on a Shoestring Budget
  • FLSA - Common Issues to Avoid
  • FLSA - What You Need to Know About FLSA Joint Employment of Employees
  • FLSA - White-Collar Exemptions for Hotel Owners
  • FLSA - Keeping Kids Safe in the Workplace: Child Labor Rules for Employers
  • Ensuring Safety in the #MeToo Era: Creating a No-Tolerance Workplace
  • Onboarding to InBoarding: Accelerating the Journey from Outsider to Insider to High Performer
  • The 5 Secret Must-Dos for Business Growth
  • “Reasonable Accommodations” for Employees—Disability and Beyond
  • Employee Background Checks: What to Know Before Screening New Applicants
  • Strategic Leadership: Increasing Profit Through Successful Team Management
  • Multi-Hotel Leadership: 5 Key Strategies to Improving Performance
  • Don’t Panic: A Brief Guide to Chicago’s New Anti-Harassment Ordinance
  • Making a Greater Impact with Performance Reviews in the New Year
  • Unlocking the Regular Rate of Pay: How to Properly Calculate Overtime
  • ICE Audits on the Rise This Summer
  • Keeping Track of Employees During the Busy Summer Season
  • Who Is a Joint Employer Now? The U.S. Department of Labor Seeks to Restore Balance
  • Veterans Hiring: Best Practices and Key Resources
  • Veterans Hiring: Smart for Business


  • Brand Resources That Can Maximize Your Profits - Best Western Hotels & Resorts
  • Brand Resources That Can Maximize Your Profits - Red Roof Inn
  • Brand Resources That Can Maximize Your Profits - RLH Corporation
  • Brand Resources That Can Maximize Your Profits - Wyndham Hotel Group
  • Brand Resources That Can Maximize Your Profits - La Quinta Inns & Suites
  • Impact Studies 101
  • SBA Policy Brings Changes for Franchisees
  • Preparing for the Future of Franchising: Change is in the Air
  • Pitfalls of Franchise Agreements: Windows, Impact, and Transfers
  • [eBook] Hotel ROI Regional Series - North Texas: Dallas
  • North Texas Regional Meeting Presentation - Hotel ROI Brand Choice
  • [eBook] Hotel ROI Regional Series - Mid Atlantic: Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting Presentation - Hotel ROI Cost Issues
  • [eBook] Hotel ROI Regional Series - Washington D.C.: Baltimore
  • Washington D.C. Area Regional Meeting Presentation - Hotel ROI Profit & Loss
  • [eBook] Hotel ROI Regional Series - Florida: Tampa
  • Florida Regional Meeting Presentation - Hotel ROI Brand Choice
  • 10 Steps to Prepare for Immigration Reform
  • Writing a Letter to the Editor (LTE): How to Communicate with the Media, Lawmakers, and Fellow Community Members
  • Immigration Compliance Under the New Administration
  • How to Engage Effectively with State and Local Elected Officials
  • Politics 101 - What You Need to Know About Congress, the Administration, and the American Political Process
  • So, That’s How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • How Will New Tax Law Changes Impact the Hospitality Industry?
  • Current DOL & EEOC Policy: A Review of Recent Trends to Protect Your Business
  • Immigration Trends Impacting the Hospitality Industry

  • Best Advice on How to Succeed in the Hotel Industry
  • Most Important Skills for Launching a Hotel
  • The Biggest Challenges for a Women Entrepreneur in the Hotel Industry
  • Financial Leadership for Independent Hoteliers
  • Lead and Strengthen Your Business with Financial Communication
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Cultural Competence
  • Public Testimony: Learn to Overcome Your Unease and Express Your Views
  • From Service Failure to Service Hero
  • Improve Guest Service with Cultural Intelligence
  • Use Guest Feedback and Online Reputation to Drive Rate Growth
  • Booking.com: Reputation Management, A Key Factor in the Success of Your Business
  • Crisis Management for Hotels
  • 5 Ways You Should Respond to Good or Bad Guest Feedback 
  • Forget Satisfaction! Hotels Need Customer Loyalty
  • How Facebook Alone is Not a PR Strategy
  • Improving Online Hotel Reviews
  • 10 Things You Must Do After a Hotel Renovation or Grand Opening
  • Loyalty Programs for Independent Hoteliers: Tips on Leveling the Playing Field
  • What Does Clean Mean?
  • Reputation Management: Proven Tactics for Promoting Your Desired Image
  • The Importance of Cleaning and Proper Procedures in Delivering Outstanding Guest Satisfaction
  • How Hotels Can Manage Their Online Reputations by Generating Reviews

  • Top 5 Hotelier Tech Support Questions Answered
  • Hospitality Trends to Increase Direct Bookings
  • Reduce Housekeeping Costs with Technology
  • Technology to Enhance the Guest Experience
  • Google 101 - Mastering the World's Largest Search Engine
  • 4 Things You Can Do to Drive Conversions on Your Website
  • The Importance of EMV for Hotels
  • Search Engine Marketing: The New AdWords Next Experience
  • Five Ways Technology Can Improve Housekeeping and the Guest Experience
  • The Advantages of a Cloud-based PMS
  • How to Create Brand Awareness for Your Business
  • Data Breaches – Understanding the Risks
  • Wyndham – Sabre SynXis PM Best Practices and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Messaging: Improve Operations and Drive Bookings and Reviews
  • Understanding and Mastering Your PMS/CRS Integration
  • Automated Housekeeping Solutions Improve Operations and Guest Satisfaction
  • The Importance of In-Room Entertainment to Increase Guest Satisfaction
  • Introduction to the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, Part 1
  • Introduction to the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, Part 2
  • What's in the Pipeline?
  • STAR Benchmarking 101
  • Beyond the Numbers: Visualize Your Property Performance
  • STR Data: The Reports You Might Not Know About
  • State of the U.S. Lodging Industry
  • Marcus & Millichap - 2018 Hospitality Industry Outlook
  • Enhance Your Hotel Assets with CBRE Forecasting and Benchmarking Tools
  • What to Expect for 2019: CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research Forecast



  • Don't Give DANGER a Keycard to Your Property
  • Make Brand.com and OTAs a Profitable Combination
  • Let's Talk Money: Financing Your Projects
  • Preparing for the Future of Franchising: Change is in the Air
  • Pitfalls of Franchise Agreements: Windows, Impact and Transfers
  • Hiring & Firing: Increase Profit and Limit Liability
  • 5 Ways to Lawsuit-Proof Your HR
  • Make Lodging Great Again!
  • Increase Revenue with Social Media
  • Google 101 - Mastering the World's Largest Search Engine
  • What's in the Pipeline? 




  • Leadership by Best Western CEO David Kong
  • Leadership by Choice Hotels International CEO Pat Pacious
  • Leadership by Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta
  • Leadership by Hyatt Hotels Corporation CEO Mark Hoplamazian
  • Leadership by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) CEO Elie Maalouf
  • Leadership by La Quinta Inns & Suites CEO Keith Cline
  • Leadership by Magnuson Worldwide Co-Founder Thomas Magnuson
  • Leadership by Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson
  • Leadership by My Place Hotels of America CEO Ryan Rivett
  • Leadership by Radisson Hotel Group CEO John Kidd
  • Leadership by RLH Corporation CEO Greg Mount
  • Leadership by Red Roof Inns President Andrew Alexander
  • Leadership by Trump Hotels CEO Eric Danziger
  • Leadership by Wyndham Hotel Group CEO Geoff Ballotti


  • 5 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Millennials
  • Brands: Finding the Right Fit
  • Earn a 5-Star Reputation with TripAdvisor
  • Employee Handbooks 101
  • Getting a Response: Maximizing Survey Engagement
  • How to Use Social Media to Boost Sales
  • Technology to Improve Housekeeping and Maintenance Efficiency
  • What Does the Data Say?
  • Winning, Winning and More Winning: Legislative Successes and Opportunities in the Trump Era
  • Your Most Pressing Franchise Law Questions Answered
  • Using Big Data to Drive Profitability


  • What Does the Data Say?
  • How to Position Your Loan for Approval
  • ADA Compliance: Serving Your Guests and the Animals that Serve Them
  • The Extended-Stay Boom: Why Now?
  • The Lobby: Advocacy Advancements Impacting the Hospitality Industry
  • Keeping Profits Up in a Dynamic Market
  • Avoid the Two Most Common Employment Lawsuits
  • Maximize Your Exposure: Marketing Your New Property or Renovation
  • Focus on Franchising: Exiting Your Franchise Agreement
  • Hotel For Sale: Mastering Hotel Valuation
  • Building Success and Overcoming Challenges for Independent Hoteliers