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Human trafficking is a scourge that can affect every community across the nation. Hoteliers are uniquely positioned to help prevent this crime and help save lives by denying exploiters access to their properties. But they can do so only if they know how to look for and identify the signs of human trafficking.

That's why AAHOA is committed to promoting awareness of this grave violation of human rights by educating hoteliers on how to spot and report suspected instances of human trafficking. AAHOA developed partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign, Polaris, and Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST) to provide education and resources to hoteliers. AAHOA also is committed to working with victims' rights groups and lawmakers at the state and federal levels to support laws giving both hoteliers and prosecutors more tools to stop the victimization of men, women, and children in human trafficking.

Human Trafficking Awareness Training is a FREE digital educational offering available for AAHOA Members and their employees. Click the logo below to access the training:

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With AAHOA, You Can Make a Difference

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What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery, and it can take many forms. From forced prostitution to laborers forced to work under the threat of deportation or physical violence, millions of men, women, and children are exploited by traffickers and denied their fundamental right to freedom.

AAHOA's Resource Library includes webinars that are designed to give viewers a better understanding of how this criminal enterprise can set up shop at unsuspecting hotels. In addition to AAHOA's Human Trafficking Awareness Training, 'Don't Give Danger a Keycard to Your Property' and 'Human Trafficking Recognition and Response' are two webinars that will help viewers recognize and respond to incidents of suspected trafficking. 

For more information regarding the laws protecting those who report suspected crimes in good faith, click here. 

Below are some resources provided by the Department of Homeland Security to help hoteliers become more aware of the signs of human trafficking.


Human Trafficking 101


Hospitality Toolkit: Inform & Educate Your Employees

 Human Trafficking 101  Hospitality toolkit

How can you help raise awareness? 

Did you know that at least 38 states and the District of Columbia have laws to require some public agencies and/or private businesses to train their staff to recognize, report, and respond to human trafficking crimes and victims?

State Requirements


Train Your Staff: How Can You Identify Person(s) Being Trafficked?

 State Requirements_train  Signs of being trafficked

How can you help prevent human trafficking?

Almost every state in the country requires/encourages human trafficking training or the posting of the National Human Trafficking Hotline information in hotels.

AAHOA offers Human Trafficking Awareness Training, completely digital and free for all AAHOA members and their employees.

Earn Your Certificate TODAY - BEST Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training, Sponsored by AAHOA

Other Resources: